Man-made-rock Forest, Mame and Cascade Bonsai Pots in 24 subtle color permutations
Avant garde 'natural' rock bonsai pots. Each Forest, Mame and Cascade bonsai pot has the look and feel of a natural rock, and has the same weight, is 100% frost-proof, and is satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back. NEW FOR 2014! Several ALL-NEW Forest Slab configurations of several sizes will be listed, shortly
We mould Forest, Mame and Cascade bonsai pots of a cementitious material indelibly colored to look and feel like natural rock. The surface textures of each pot mimic many different kinds of natural rocks, and like the real thing, each bonsai pot will be an individual. We achieve the appearance of age in every 'natural' rock bonsai pot- or your money back. Each bonsai pot is designed to be superior to a plain bonsai slab in appearance and utility. When the pockets are filled with soil, and moss or lichen are covering the sharp edges of the pocket, they are indistinguishable from natural rock. Some Forest and Cascade pots have rock bridges, usually about one inch/25mm in diameter. You can visually isolate a tree from the rest of the forest, or span the bridge with a root. The planting pocket is joined below the bridge, and is essentially 'one common pocket'. Each Mame or Cascade bonsai pot has more than one obvious "front". In fact, most Cascade and Mame pots have nearly 360 degree "fronts", while most Forest pots have two "fronts", with good panoramic views for about 180 degrees. This allows you to create a "scene" instead of a "snapshot". Forest, Mame, and Cascade brand-new bonsai pot that looks like a million year-old rock. Rocks do not have feet, so place it on your favorite mat for best effect.
["Natural" Rock Pots]
Leaning Rock (Cascade)
Rough Beauty Rock (Mame)
Malay Atoll (Mame)
Old Horse Plateau (Forest)
Slippery Ridge (Forest)
Dogleg Ridge (Forest)
Quiet Moon (Clump)
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Hand Carved Lava ($75)
Hand Carved Lava ($100)
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